Marilyn Johnson, Contemporary Abstract  Expressionist Artist
Nashville, Tennessee  
Marilyn Johnson, Abstract Artist  -- Nashville, Tennessee -- Email:

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Marilyn Johnson,  Abstract Artist
​Artist Statement

Working on paper and canvas and using acrylic paint, mixed media and  a variety of tools including brushes, palette knives, bottle caps, paper towel tubes, cardboard, and squeegees, I explore some of the infinite ways that color, line, shape and texture form an abstract reality.

The process is spontaneous and intuitive --- without preconception of the end result or intent to represent objective reality --- and with the excitement of discovery of something beyond.

The path from blank canvas to finished work is a metaphor for the limitless possibilities on life’s journey. New possibilities come with each blank canvas and each new day. The paint, color, and tools navigate the canvas.  Attention to the principles of color, design and composition steady the course. Intuition and freedom from the fear of mistakes lead to places neither imagined nor planned.   

I invite the viewer to continue to  “create” my paintings by traveling  into each with a sense of freedom and without the self-consciousness of “What am I supposed to see ?” Instead, I hope the viewer discovers his/her  own reality --- and experiences, sees, or feels something new with each viewing. 
"In painting, execution should always be extempore. Execution will be beautiful only on the condition that the painter lets himself go a little, and discovers as he paints."
-----Eugene Delacroix, French Painter 1798-1863

"Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter's soul."
-----Vincent van Gogh, Dutch Painter 1853-1890

"I can never accomplish what I want  -- only what I would have wanted had I thought of it beforehand."
-----Richard Diebenkorn, American Artist 1922-1993